The Roundnet Revolution

Roundnet Without a Net

The tension of a conventional net is uneven and causes tension between players.
We got rid of it.

Improved Pocketless Surface

Consistent tension across the hard surface.

Raised Lip

Ball comes off the set with an upward trajectory leading to more rallies.

Sturdy and Durable

Rock steady.


Designed to slow down the ball and let sand pass through.

Optimized Diameter

Allows defense to cover 360°.

Ball not included

We’re working on it.

New set, same rules

2 versus 2
Teams get up to 3 hits like volleyball

 Play more, argue less

Au revoir, pockets!

Quick and easy assembly

Set-up a kit in seconds
No adjustment needed

We Made Roundnet Great Again

The roundnet revolution begins here


Manufactured in Canada from recycled plastic